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President Janez Drnovšek receives Crown Prince Alexander II Karadjordjević and Princess Katherine

Ljubljana, 07/18/2006  |  press release, statement

Click to enlargeThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, received Crown Prince Alexander II Karadjordjević and Princess Katherine at Vila Podrožnik today.

President Drnovšek and Crown Prince Alexander II Karadjordjević discussed the European perspective of Serbia. Dr Drnovšek was impressed with Crown Prince Alexander's positive vision of Serbia’s development shown through intense activities in all areas – political, economic, cultural and humanitarian. In the views of President Drnovšek and Crown Prince Alexander, there are great opportunities to strengthen co-operation in these areas between Slovenia and Serbia.

Click to enlargePrince Alexander II Karadjordjević stressed the high reputation enjoyed by Slovene companies in Serbia and expressed his satisfaction at Slovenia’s genuine support for Serbia’s endeavours to forge closer ties with Euro–Atlantic groupings. In President Drnovšek’s opinion, political and spiritual leaders bear the great responsibility of directing the views of their people to the future instead of burdening them with the past.

President Drnovšek, Crown Prince Alexandar II Karadjordjević and Princess Katherine also discussed the possibility of jointly developing humanitarian and cultural projects between the two countries.

Click to enlargeDr Drnovšek was pleased that both guests felt welcome in Slovenia. Crown Prince Alexander II Karadjordjević extended an invitation to President Drnovšek to visit Serbia.

During the talk President Drnovšek also answered the following questions from the media:Click to enlarge

Why did you invite Prince Karadjordjević to visit?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "I thought it appropriate to do so. This is Prince Alexander's first time in Slovenia. We all know that his ancestors had been in Slovenia several times and that Slovenia had been part of the monarchy for a certain time. I therefore saw fit to invite him to Slovenia. There is no political agenda involved here; this is something I felt should be done and that it was right to do so."

Given your humanitarian activities, as well as those of the Prince and Princess, I would like to know if you might discuss humanitarian initiatives?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "Yes, it is very likely. I am pleased that we are all thinking along these lines; this is something that we have in common – and this alone says a great deal about the prince and his wife."
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