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Letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health regarding the Act amending the Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products Act

Ljubljana, 01/19/2007  |  press release

President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, today sent the letter concerning the amended Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products Act to the Prime Minister, Mr Janez Janša, and the Minister of Health, Mr Andrej Bručan, stating the following:

“The data concerning not only the sickness and mortality of smokers in Slovenia, but also the health risks and mortality of those exposed to passive smoking in the workplace or at home, are alarming. The persons exposed and at risk unfortunately often include children and minors.

Therefore I welcome the efforts of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Health for the amendments to the Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products Act, which observed the new findings on the damage caused by passive smoking and the experience of European countries with more stringent measures in this field. The proposed legislative amendments prepared by the Ministry of Health represent an important contribution to the restriction of harmful and lethal results of smoking, and thus to the general improvement of public health in Slovenia.

I was acquainted with the additional amendments to the stated Act, which were in the public debate submitted to the Ministry of Health, also by representatives of the organisation CINDI Slovenia. As you know, they agree with the bill, however, they estimate that the amendments to the Act should also offer additional quit smoking support and additional protection of minors against passive smoking. I think the proposed additional measures could significantly contribute to the limitation of smoking and to preventive action in the medical field. In this context, I support in particular their programmes and activities in the field of counselling, education and awareness-raising intended mainly to promote a healthy way of life and to improve health among the young.

Dear Prime Minister,

I would kindly as you to carefully examine the additional professionally grounded proposals regarding the Act amending the Restriction of the Use of Tobacco Products Act submitted in the public debate by qualified institutions, such as CINDI Slovenia and other non-governmental organisations, and to take them into consideration as appropriate."
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