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Congratulations to Mr Peres

Ljubljana, 08/15/2003  |  press release

Dear Mr Peres,

The occasion of your personal jubilee gives me the exceptional pleasure of expressing my sincere congratulations and best wishes for every success, good health and well-being.

On this festive occasion I would like to underline that in Slovenia we remember with great respect and appreciation the time in which you brought your political and personal stature fully to bear in support of our country. We deeply value your commitment to the promotion of cooperation and friendly links between Slovenia and Israel as well. Over the years our bilateral relations have thus acquired new substance and quality.

In Slovenia, we also remember your unique contribution to the peace process in the Middle East, for which you were honored with the Nobel Peace Prize Award. I am convinced that you will continue on this noble path, in spite of all the obstacles.

I look forward to our continued cooperation and to our future meetings.
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