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At the 'Student Arenna' Fair in Ljubljana (October 2005)
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Attending the Fifth International Symposium "Diving and Diving for Persons with Special Needs"

Zreče, 02/10/2007  |  press release, speech

The President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek, today took part in the Fifth International Symposium "Diving and Diving for Persons with Special Needs", which began at Terme Zreče yesterday under the auspices of IAHD Adriatic – International Association for Handicapped Divers. During the first two days, top-level raporteurs from the broader region of the Adriatic, Europe and the Americas made their appearance at the Symposium.

The President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek, addressed the participants of this event:

Click to enlarge"Good morning. I gladly accepted your invitation and I greatly approve of your activity. As you probably know, I support every activity by which people aim to help others since they are aware of their mutual interconnection and are not interested merely in themselves but strive to achieve something more. By wishing to help others they achieve two objectives: they actually help people and they achieve something more, a kind of self-fulfillment, something that provides them with a different, better sense of living, rather than scrambling for material assets and their success.

I particularly appreciate all disabled persons and persons with special needs who have sufficient will to take up even such demanding activities as diving. It requires a great deal of willingness and, to my mind, once you achieve it, you demonstrate that the spirit is able to conquer the substance and that your willingness is stronger than your physical characteristics and hadicaps, that you are capable of achieving something that initially seemed entirely impossible, but that you succeeded in making it possible.

Click to enlargeIt is of special importance that you achieve your objectives supported by zealous volunteers who consider your efforts worth-while and that together you achieve something more, something better, which may serve as an example to others, to many people in many places, in various areas.

Your example may be followed by many in finding a solution for themselves, perhaps in situations less difficult than yours, but still unable to find it. However, with strong will and with the right people by your side there is always a way out.

Click to enlargeI wish you every success in your future activity, in your efforts to make your today's get-together successful and to give an impetus for the future and continued efforts. I would like you to be aware that your efforts do not go unnoticed and that we know that you are creating a new quality, adding something more to our lives. Thank you very much."

On this occasion President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek, met with Mr. Branko Ravnak, Chairman of the IAHD Adriatic, the guests of honour of the symposium and handicapped divers; he also met with Mr. Boris Podvršnik, the Mayor of Zreče and Mr. Damijan Pintar, the Director of Terme Zreče.

Click to enlargeMr. Achille Ferrero, President of the World Underwater Federation C.M.A.S presented Dr Janez Drnovšek with the fifth C.M.A.S. gold card in token of special honour.
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