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Letters of Credence from the Ambassador of Chile

Ljubljana, 07/24/2006  |  press release

Click to enlargeThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek, today received the Letters of Credential from the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile, Mr. Milenko E. Skoknic.

Ambassador Milenko E. Skoknic presented Chile's economic and political situation to President Drnovšek and stressed that he saw it as his role to continue the work that would contribute to the enhanced development of bilateral cooperation. Furthermore, he said that Slovenia played an exemplary role in rapid and successful accession to the EU and NATO, would soon take up Euro and became fully operational within the Schengen system.

During the discussion, President Drnovšek pointed out that Slovenia was a successful country that entered the EU and NATO without significant social shocks, while attaining high annual growth of GDP. Dr. Drnovšek and Mr. Skoknic shared the opinion that balance needed to be established in order to boost the development in the economic, political and social areas. They drew attention to social inclusion and poverty reduction. They touched some issues of international significance including slow process of resolving crises at international level. During the discussion, President Drnovšek emphasised the necessity to be efficient and to act to promote human well-being.
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