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Upon the Conclusion of the Project ‘Fruits of Society’

Ljubljana, 06/21/2007  |  press release, speech

Click to enlargePresident of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, held a speech today in Pionirski dom – Center of Youth Culture at the closing event of the project Fruits of Society, addressing the participants from schools and pensioner societies which had in the past school year actively participated in the project launched on the President’s initiative:

“Dear participants. The project Fruits of Society has been close to my heart from the very beginning. I believe the project is the right thing, which has to be continued in the future. Connecting the old and the young. This is what matters.

In today’s world, we often live apart from one another. This world is full of stress, full of constant rivalry, which leaves many a person pushed aside and rather helpless. However, sooner or later each person – even those seemingly omnipotent and self-sufficient when young – ends up in such situation. Sooner or later, everybody needs somebody else, needs solidarity, help, needs some kind of links with others. And links between the young and the elderly may be very useful for both, for the young and for the elderly. The young may help the elderly in the trouble encountered in the old age, while the elderly may convey their experience and views to the young, thus teaching them plenty. What matters most is the feeling of mutual connection which may be established in the process. I am certain that the young, too, by helping someone, by establishing a relation of genuine connection with someone, experience a greater satisfaction than that brought by many other things; by watching television or playing computer games and the like. These make time pass, but never bring the feeling of true fulfilment. The relationship with other people, especially if we help them, if we give them something good, fulfils us, gives us the feeling that this is what really matters.

Click to enlargeWith my sincere wishes that this project will continue to generate such feelings, I wish you a lot of success and congratulate you for the present beginnings, for the successful conclusion of the project in the past year. Thank you very much.”

President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, concluded his visit by viewing the exhibition of the pictures of children and youth with the topic of intergenerational cooperation, in the company of Dr Anica Mikuš Kos, chair of the Slovenian Philanthropy, and Mrs Rožca Šons, representative of the Association of Pensioner Societies. Most authors of these consider the help to the elderly only as physical participation in housework. The aim is to take a step further – a step towards socialisation, which is, as they say, the only real foundation of coexistence, implying an intergenerational bridge which can connect two seemingly distant banks.

Click to enlargeThe project Fruits of Society is organised by the Slovenian Philanthropy with the aim of encouraging voluntary work among the young and providing home assistance to the elderly. In the past year, 58 schools and 108 pensioner societies from all parts of Slovenia participated in the project. At the end of the school year they wish to thank everybody taking part in the project and encourage them to continue the intergenerational cooperation.
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