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Presentation of Letters of Accreditation by the Ambassador of Denmark to Slovenia

Ljubljana, 09/29/2006  |  press release

Click to enlargeToday, Mrs. Anita Hugau, Ambassador of The Kingdom of Denmark to Slovenia presented her Letters of Accreditation to the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek.

During her discussion with Slovenia’s President, Ambassador Hugau said that she would work towards improving the already excellent relations existing between the two countries on a bilateral, as well as multilateral level. President Drnovšek agreed with this, saying that Slovenia has always had very good relations with Denmark and highlighted the high degree of mutual understanding concerning important international issues.

Given Denmark’s multiple experiences acquired through periods of holding the EU Presidency, Ambassador Hugau considered this to be a very demanding task, particularly for smaller countries. On this occasion, she expressed her readiness to help Slovenia during its 2008 EU Presidency. President Drnovšek thanked her for the offered help and expressed the view that such help would indeed be needed.

In view of the fact that before coming to Slovenia the Danish Ambassador spent several years serving in Latin America, she mentioned Dr. Drnovšek’s prominent visit to Bolivia and expressed the hope that social and political conditions would improve in this region, which deserves more attention and help from the international community. In connection with the problems of underdevelopment of Latin America and other parts of the world, President Drnovšek called attention to the periods of colonisation and neo-colonisation and added that this was one of the reasons that he devoted part of his activities to issues concerning Africa and Darfur.

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