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Reception of Letter of Credence from Romanian Ambassador

Ljubljana, 01/16/2007  |  press release

Click to enlargeThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, today received the Letter of Credence from the Ambassador of Romania, Ms Dana – Manuela Constantinescu. The ambassador thanked the president Dr Drnovšek for Slovenia’s support in the process of Romania entering the EU. She expressed her belief that Romania may learn a lot from Slovenia in the future, also as regards the procedures of adopting euro.

Click to enlargeThe president of Slovenia, Dr Drnovšek, expressed his satisfaction that Romania became a full EU member, for he believed in its capacities and energy, which convinced him upon his last year’s official visit to Romania. He assured the Ambassador that Slovenia should be willing to share its experience in the future. Furthermore, President Dr Drnovšek stressed the fact that there is still no direct air connection between Slovenia and Romania, which certainly hinders the development of contacts in all areas.

President Dr Drnovšek repeated the invitation to the Romanian president Mr Traian Bãsescu for a return visit to Slovenia.
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