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President Drnovšek receives the Austrian Ambassador

Ljubljana, 06/02/2006  |  press release

The President of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Janez Drnovšek today received the Austrian ambassador Dr Valentin Inzko. Austria currently holds the EU presidency. President Drnovšek informed Dr Inzko of the contents of the talks he has held in recent days with representatives of movements from Darfur: the leader of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM), Dr Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil, and his colleagues, and the leader of the Sudan Federal Democratic Alliance, Ahmed Ibrahim Diraige.

In his talks with the highest representatives of the JEM, one of the two organisations that did not sign the Darfur peace agreement in Abuja, President Drnovšek tried to convince the movement’s leaders that their further cooperation in negotiations and the peace process is important for the establishment of peace and for ending the humanitarian disaster. From this point of view, signing the agreement is certainly a better option than rejecting it, regardless of their criticisms of the document. President Drnovšek proposed to the representatives of the JEM that they try to assert their demands through further talks on the implementation of the agreement. Dr Ibrahim Khalil was not willing to sign the agreement within the deadline set by the African Union and the international community. This deadline expired on 31 May.

The Office of the President of the Republic has informed ambassadors from permanent members of the UN Security Council and those countries that are actively involved in the peace process in Darfur about the contents of his talks with the representatives of the movements from Darfur. Slovenia is among the countries attempting to contribute to the peace process through its activities at the political and humanitarian levels.
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