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President Voted in the Second Round

Zaplana, 11/12/2006  |  press release, statement

Click to enlargePresident of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, voted in the second round of local elections today in Zaplana.

There he also answered the question of the medium:

You are going to Austria on Tuesday. Do you intend to discuss the minority problem with the president of Austria?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: “I believe we shall discuss the situation in Europe, for EU encounters problems with itself and its enlargement. Austria shall probably be not discussed much for its specific situation at the moment; a new government, coalition is being formed. However, we shall certainly touch upon the standard issues, which probably includes minorities, too. Although the president presently may not be able to say or do anything new on the subject. We have to wait for the new government.”

Your new book is being published in Vienna. What is the subject matter? Shall you attend the presentation too?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: “Yes, I shall. I shall attend it at the Vienna book fair. The title of the book is Bistvo sveta (The Essence of the World). The very title implies its subject matter. I believe the books answers the essential questions of this world as well as of its future fate, and shall prove quite interesting.”
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