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The situation of the Romany community should be in compliance with international constitutional principles on respect for human rights

Ljubljana, 10/30/2006  |  press release

The President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek, has been following the developments concerning the Romany community from Ambrus.

With respect to their provisional stay in the Centre for Aliens in Postojna, President Drnovšek expects that the Government or its competent ministers will fulfil their promises and as soon as possible – but at the latest within three weeks as they say – find a permanent and suitable solution to this problem.

President Drnovšek is of the opinion that we must always endeavour to respect the differences which on the one hand are dictated by the life of the Romany and on the other by the life of the other local inhabitants. Socialization and assimilation of the Romany are a process in which the local population can indeed play an important role for the integration of the Romany into the society. Escalating tension on both sides does not contribute to a permanent solution, therefore one should follow the examples and municipalities, for instance in Prekmurje, where coexistence was established. The long-term situation of the Romany must be resolved as soon as possible all over Slovenia in order to bring it in compliance with international constitutional principles on respect for human rights.
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