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Dr Drnovšek receives the Marshal of the Polish Sejm, Mr Marek Jurek

Ljubljana, 09/13/2006  |  press release

Click to enlargePresident of the Republic Janez Drnovšek today received the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Mr Marek Jurek. They primarily talked about bilateral co-operation and the European Union.

They agreed that Slovenia and Poland developed very good relations over the past years and that these should be enhanced in the future, since the two countries have several things in common, including joint entry into the EU and support for the Union’s enlargement.

Dr Drnovšek stressed that Slovenia attached great significance to good relations with Poland, also within the scope of the EU. He also said that the European Constitutional Treaty was one of more important issues in the development of the EU because the existing institutional framework does not enable further enlargement. He was of the opinion that in order to make progress in building the EU, perception must change, which in turn requires time. According to Mr Jurek the process of adopting the European Constitution came to a standstill. He went on to say that Poland would translate its position on this topic into concrete terms and table its proposed solutions. Poland advocated the Union’s enlargement, in particular to include Ukraine, emphasised Mr Jurek.

Dr Drnovšek and his guest agreed that relations should be fostered through dialogue and cooperation. Dr Drnovšek added that countries should overcome selfishness if we wish to build the EU together, since the Union emerged from the very realisation of countries that they will not get far with egoism.

They closed by expressing their common belief that cooperation between Slovenia and Poland, two Member States of the EU, will be important and knowledge of Slovene and Polish history and culture in both countries will deepen.
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