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Professional career and education of Mr Andrej Rant

Ljubljana, 02/14/2007  |  press release, edit

Today’s Mag published an article entitled "The Fakir’s Personnel", in which the author of the article asserts that “President Drnovšek, in the press release of last Friday, omitted a part of Mr Rant’s biography and even partially misrepresented it.” Such a statement requires clarification.

Nothing was omitted or misrepresented in the reasons given for the candidature of Mr Andrej Rant for the post of governor of the Bank of Slovenia. It is true that Mr Andrej Rant has been working in the banking sector since 1973, whilst he assumed management duties in 1987 and has been carrying them out since then.

In order to present his professional career as clearly as possible, we hereby summarize it in chronological order from his traineeship to the present:

1973–1991 National Bank of Slovenia:
01 March 1973 - traineeship
01 November 1973
01 January 1974 - clerk outside organisational units (fulfilling the duties of secretary of the Council of the National Bank of Slovenia)
01 July 1974 - head of office, outside organisational units
01 January 1977 - analyst, Department of Analysis in the Directorate for Analysis
01 September 1979
01 October 1981 - deputy director, Department of Analysis
01 December 1985 - deputy director, Analysis and Research Centre
    Management duties
    01 August 1987 - director of the department in the Analysis and Research Centre
    07 May 1988 - vice governor
    23 November 1988 - deputy governor – his four-year term expired on 22 November 1992
      1991–present Bank of Slovenia:
      23 November 1992 - advisor to the governor
      12 January 1993 - vice governor (six-year term expired on 11 January 1999)
      13 January 1999 - vice governor (six-year term expired on 12 January 2005)
      13 January 2005 - vice governor (six-year term underway, to 12 January 2011)

      In 1971 the candidate graduated from the Faculty of Arts, which was not mentioned separately in the reasons given for his candidature, since this education was not directly connected with his candidature. However, we agree with the author of the article that this fact should not be omitted, since Mr Andrej Rant is proficient in French. In taking into account expert knowledge, good knowledge of the language of Jean-Claude Trichet can only be an advantage for the post of governor of the Bank of Slovenia.
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