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Letters of Credence presented by the Ambassador of Montenegro

Ljubljana, 10/10/2006  |  press release

Click to enlargeThe President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek, today received the Letters of Credence from the Ambassador of Montenegro, Branko Perović.

Ambassador Perović extended his thanks to the President of Slovenia for the support during Montenegrin struggle for independence and expressed his respect for experience gained by Slovenia as the most successful new EU Member State.

Ambassador Perović continued by presenting to President Drnovšek some foreign investments in the new state as the foreign direct investment growth this year surpassed the expectations; Ambassador Perović was convinced that both countries would strengthen co-operation, primarily in the economic field.

President Drnovšek acknowledged friendly relations between two countries and was convinced that mutual relations would strengthen and develop in future.

At the end of the audience, President Drnovšek wished Ambassador Perović a lot of success in his work and a pleasant stay in Slovenia.