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Meeting of the President of the Republic of Slovenia with the Presidents of Montenegro

Podgorica, 07/12/2006  |  press release

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The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr Janez Drnovšek, today, on the Montenegro's national day, met with the three Presidents of Montenegro, i.e. the President of the Republic, Filip Vujanović, President of the Assembly, Ranko Krivokapić, and President of the Government, Milo Đukanović.

Click to enlargeDr Janez Drnovšek congratulated Montenegro on the restoration of their statehood. As a result of a successfully completed referendum, which was followed by a rapid international recognition of the new state, Dr Drnovšek expressed his appreciation and welcomed proper and efficient regulation of the relations between Serbia and Montenegro. He went on to say that after gaining independence there is no political uncertainty any more and that solid foundations have now been established for a further development of Montenegro. Dr Drnovšek expressed his firm belief that this would also have favourable effects on Montenegro’s economic development.

Slovenia and Montenegro have already established excellent bilateral relations, both in the political and economic areas, which is a firm basis for the future.

Click to enlargeThe Slovenian President Dr Janez Drnovšek also said that Slovenia would, to the best of its ability, assist Montenegro in its European integration. This refers to the expert help as well as to other forms of assistance. Dr Drnovšek went on to say that the most important for Montenegro is to become an economically efficient and stable state; a consensus among political subjects will however have to be arrived at. By way of conclusion, the Slovenian President Dr Janez Drnovšek wished Montenegro good fortune on its new way, expressing his firm belief that Slovenia and Montenegro can achieve much together.