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An Appeal for Tolerance

Ljubljana, 11/24/2006  |  press release, statement

The Republic of Slovenia founded its statehood on values such as tolerance, coexistence, and respect for cultural, national and ethnic differences. We have committed ourselves to upholding the fundamental rights contained in the European Convention on Human Rights, and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. We have also included these in our Constitution.

However, if we fail to abide by our words in our everyday lives, they remain nothing more than ink on paper. The latest events have reminded us that as a society and a country, we must do more in this respect. We must invest all our efforts in encouraging tolerant dialogue, which ensures security, peace, and coexistence. Fear, intolerance and aggression, all of which are reflected in violence, are a threat to the achievements we have made as a social state and as one governed by the rule of law. In our country, all citizens should feel safe and equal.

We, the President of the Republic of Slovenia, the President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia appeal to all the inhabitants of the Republic of Slovenia to help, together and individually, to re-establish mutual trust and tolerance, which are the only possible bases for security, peace and coexistence.

Slovenes have proven that ours is an open nation which can accept differences. When similar events have taken place elsewhere, we have shown a high level of solidarity, and supported peace, tolerance and justice. Let us do this at home now, because it is only those who can empathise and see the world through the eyes of others that can never be afraid of their own future.