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Interview for Radio Antena, a Slovene radio station

Ljubljana, 03/16/2007  |  interview

President of the Republic Dr Janez Drnovšek was interviewed on climate changes by Radio Antena Programme Editor Irena Rolih.

Broadcast date: 15 March 2007, 15:20

Journalist: The book Inconvenient Truth was published this week also in the Slovene translation, the author of the foreword is Slovenia's President Dr. Janet Drnovšek, who was visited today by the crew of Radio Antena. This is how the President responded to our question if he had ever met the book's author Al Gore in person.

Dr Janez Drnovšek: I met him on several occasions while he was the Vice-President of USA, and he left a very good impression on me. It may be interesting to mention that at a meeting, when I was still Prime Minister, he suddenly rose to his feet and took off his jacket. As we stared at him he pointed to the label "Mura". It means that he was wearing a jacket by "Mura", Slovenian clothing manufacturer. It was a small and nice, but also a revealing gesture. I will be meeting him at a major conference in Sweden on this very subject in July.