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The money spent on posters could be used for other purposes

Zaplana, 10/22/2006  |  press release, statement

Click to enlargeThe President of the Republic Dr Janez Drnovšek returned yesterday from his holiday, which he spent on the island Mljet in Croatia, and has today attended the local elections at Zaplana. After having given his votes, he answered to the following media questions:

Have you followed the election campaign? What do you think about it?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "I do not intend to give any special opinion about the election campaign except that I believe that there were too many posters and that the money spent on them could be used for other purposes."

How come that you have changed your mind and did attend the polling place?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "I think it is normal and anticipated that I have come. What a person thinks beforehand, is a matter of his/her own business. This is not crucial. What matters is what actually happens."

May I ask where you have spent your holidays?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: "I spent a good week on the island Mljet (Croatia). I did not go anywhere during the summer. As you can see, I have taken advantage of the last suitable time, when there were also not many people there.