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President of the republic visited the Strojan family in Roje

Ljubljana, 12/26/2006  |  press release, statement

Click to enlargePresident of the Republic Dr Janez Drnovšek today visited the Strojan family in the premises of the Logistics Centre in Roje at the uninhabited and fenced military zone at the Sava river between Črnuče and Šentvid in Brod, Ljubljana.

At the meeting, Mrs Jelka Strojan presented him with a letter of gratitude and showed him around her new home that they have moved to on Sunday. The President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek, expressed his content that the location was accepted by the family, and that the family was able to spend Christmas day together, in a warm place.

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The President of the Republic, Dr Janez Drnovšek, also gave statements for the press while visiting the new home of the Strojans:

You have mediated in Dečja vas. Criticisms were voiced that you have breached the municipal regulations when you attempted to bring in the trailers. Do you have a comment?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: They have breached basic human laws and that is the saddest thing. But I am glad that the situation was then resolved and that Mother Strojan and her family was able to spend Christmas here under a roof, in a warm room. And I do believe that many Slovenians also breathed in relief and were happy that this happened.

Do you believe that Slovenia is unified, as we have stated in press?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: There exists the good and the bad in Slovenia. There is no unity between the good and the bad. But let us hope that the good prevails. This goes for the entire world. When we are united the good, then we will have a real state.

Do you believe this location could become permanent for the Strojans?

Dr Janez Drnovšek: That remains to be seen. Let us give time some time. What is important is that they are now protected from the cold of winter. The matter will be further resolved.